Monday, 3 June 2013

Top 7 Groupon Sites In The World

You must have heard about Groupon. It is one of the best group buying website in the world. Their concept has provided economical strength to many countries and is spreading rapidly into every corner of the world. Let’s see seven best groupon clone websites around the world.

Groups More – A Malaysian Group deal website :
Groupmore is a pioneer in the Malaysian daily deal market. Joel Neoh and Khai Lee (Youth Asia Co. Founder) founded this company. They adopted Groupon business model in July 2010 and launched the website on September 1st, 2010. It is one of the fastest growing Malaysian companies. They serve about 40,000 subscribers and have a business valuation of 1.2 billion dollars. They have an approach to give quality service and great deals to the Malaysian public.

Snapdeal – A leading Indian Group buying website :
Snapdeal rules the Indian daily deal market. Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal founded the company in February 2010. It has more than 18 million users and has a valuation of about 42 million dollars. They innovated the group deals concept according to the Indian markets. The customers got the coupons as soon as they purchased. They did not have to wait until the deal was activated. This concept revolutionized the Indian industry and stole the hearts of Indian customers.

Beecrazy - A Famous Groupon clone website in Hongkong :

This website was founded in July 2010. It gained a lot of popularity. Thus they out beat Groupon in China. They are known for excellent customer service and quality deals. 97% of Chinese netizens have used this website. They claimed to have saved 50 million dollars of Chinese users and they have sold around two million discount coupons. It is a bigger achievement for any daily deal website.

Yupideal - A Top-Notch Group deal website in Portugal  :
It is a champion daily deal website in Portugal. The website is very user-friendly and content is displayed in Portuguese. They are very active in forums and Facebook. They have a very effective conflict management system. They have saved up to 92 million Euros of the netizens of Portugal. This adds a feather in the cap of them.

Cobone – An outstanding deal website in UAE :

This website is part of the Jabber Internet Group. It was launched in September 2010 to revolutionize the online markets of UAE. They used the groupon business model and got over eight hundred thousand subscribers in a short span of time. They were amongst the work website which served more than one country. They spread their reach from UAE to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. MasterCard recognized cobble as the second most popular e-commerce website in UAE.

Biglion – A pioneer deal website in Russia :

It is a prominent deal website in Russia. It is ahead of Groupon in Russian markets. It motivated the youth to indulge in shopping and provided many benefits to manufacturers, shopkeepers and service providers. It has attracted over 20 million dollars of investment.

Bigdeal – A supreme daily deal website of Singapore :

This website is owned by NTUC link. This site has become Singapore's top group buying site in a short span of two years. Two million customers have saved up to 20 million Singapore dollars through this website. They also offer post campaign support for more than 600 merchants. They have transformed the marketing and sales of various merchants in Singapore. Top-notch customer service and supreme quality group deals make them the first choice of Singapore's users.

Aren't the facts motivating enough to start a site like groupon? This concept has helped many website owners earn in millions. It will be a smart approach to develop a groupon clone site in your region and flourish with the same results. Always be smart and adopt available solutions. Launch a website like groupon, market it well, make it customer oriented and see money pouring in your bank accounts.

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