Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Enjoy the benefits of the exceptional feature of Groupon clone script

Groupon has astonishes the online industry with its innovative idea, but as they say idea’s are no one’s monopoly. So if you wish to create a website like GroupOn then opt for the best daily deal software –GroupDeal.

This script helps you to launch a collective buying website with various features and inbuilt revenue options. Let’s see one of the user-friendly features of this script.

Comfort your users with Digital Wallet

Let your users manage, store and spend on your website with just few clicks.

All this is possible due to the most comforting feature – Digital wallet. The users can add money in their wallet referring friends and pre payment options. He doesn’t have to enter the details of his credit card again and he will also have the account of all transactions made on the website.

The users can withdraw money from their wallet by making a request to you. This allows you to check with your accounts and release the payments accordingly.

Final word

The above-mention feature is just one of the beneficial features of this script. GroupDeal has many such features which will help you to outshine your competitors and provide you splendid results as well. Contact Agriya to know more details about GroupDeal.
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