Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Groupon Clone Enriched Light Box Effects

What makes the appearance and the visual of a website more colorful is their introduction , which looks like a professional , gives a clear and neat picture about the website. Agriya has also developed light box effects for their product groupdeal to look their product more attractive to the users.This new approach also added the new and comprehensive way to present the details to the users , which makes them to look so attractive and eye-smashing.

When a user enables their details and want to stay on the same page they can use light box .Once the user finished their viewing they can close the light box just by click and open the other details page without having to switch the tabs.

By using this light box effects while viewing deal categories , subscribing for social networks and also to change the city selections ,so feel enriched with agriya enlightened light box.

For more details about this Light box effects and groupdeal product visit : Groupon Clone

Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Account Group Menu Interface

Agriya's my account is now more sophisticated with the inclusion of groupdeal menu.By using this feature you can view all your groupdeals separately and it is very for you to do all your deal transaction.In this you can able to view your pending , cancelled , available , refunded , expired and used deals details along with deal purchased and charity contribution details.

Groupon Clone ( GroupDeal ) Features - Social Media Sharing

Sharing is generally a good terms which means of helping others.Social media plays a vital role in business in terms of sharing all their business deals.Social sharing will lets you to share all your deals on social networks like facebook , twitter , linkedIn , Google+ , pinterest ,etc.... and enables the referential in-flows for the websites through your sharing.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Ad-banner Management - Groupon Clone

Agriya's new Ad-Banner Management program is very helpful in advertising on other websites by using their geographical location and other correlating factors.Ad-Banner Management will allow us to advertise on other neighbor or foreign websites on your websites to make more money by affiliating in these websites.you can earn money through this program by implementing ad-sense , ad-choices ,etc..

As discussed before webmaster or the site owner was earning through listing  and their site transaction fee.This approach will definitely mean you to earn lot more from the websites.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Ad-Captcha Management

It's be an another proud time for the achievement that agriya has got for their newly released Solve Media Ad-Captcha model for the product groupdeal,and they are also so proud that no any other ecommerce websites has seen this introduction.What makes this Ad-captcha special is that take care of both security as
well as the revenue promotions for your websites.Solve Media Captcha is a privately held service so that every time you comes into a page will given a visual puzzle and you can make entry appropriately to complete the registrations.By using this Ad-Capctha you can approach advertising methodologies to target by specific country, language, keyword and category .It also adds both your earning and security advancements.

Why we are using all these methods is to tighten your security checks and safeguard the website.This solve media ad-captcha is very unique and we are so proud to present it to the competitive world.