Friday, 17 May 2013

Basic Concepts And Varieties Of Using Groupon Clone

Discount is a word which brings a million dollar smile on every face. Every citizen wants an economical solution to buy various goods and services. This demand is shaped into a new concept of daily deals.

You must have heard about Groupon, a company which was responsible inventing the "group buying" concept. Using Groupon concept many websites have launched today and they are generating a huge amount of money.

Many websites use the same concept. In today’s web world internet users always need a new variety in a concept. So let's see how the group on the concept innovates in various ways.

A Group buying site for non tangible products:

There are many websites for tangible products, but we rarely find a Groupon clone website for a non tangible product like e-books, mp3 files, video shows, TV shows, online newspaper, magazines, etc.

Any intangible provider can post a deal. A group of people needs to buy the deal posted by the provider. Many websites like Amazon, eBay sell various types of non tangible products. It is a great area to focus on.

A Group Buying website for gamers :

Most of the group buying website, do not give more emphasis on gamers. The field of gaming is the most important niche. Almost 70% of American citizens are gamers, 56% of men play games and 44% of women play games and this industry has revenue of about 10.5 billion dollars.

These are some of the motivating facts to build a Groupon clone for gamers. There are more than 100 gaming companies some of them are Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Wii, THQ, etc. These companies want to sell their gaming consoles as well as their gaming console and hardware.

So use this opportunity and build a new Groupon site for gamers.

How to build a Groupon website in a short span of time?      
There are many mechanisms to build a website, but the easiest method to build a website instantly is using clone scripts. The following is the advantages of using a clone script.

• It saves the time of developing and designing a website.
• It saves money and resources for developing a website.
• It has inbuilt features.
• You can launch the website in minutes.
• These websites are user-friendly and SEO friendly.

Clone scripts are ready-made solutions which are coded, designed and have all the inbuilt features required for launching a website. All you need to do is install it on your server, customize according to your requirements and launch the website.

After the launch of the website, it is very important that you market the website and maintain it as well. We will suggest you that add innovation and create niche specific markets for a particular region and once it gains popularity expands your region.

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