Wednesday, 25 September 2013

GroupDeal marks an exceptional presence in the daily deal industry

How exciting it would be if someone daily surprises you and saves your money? The thought seems amazing. This thought is converted into reality by various daily deal websites. There is a great demand for such daily deal websites around the world. So takes the advantage of this scenario and develop a daily deal website.

Agriya creates a script which generates classy and business friendly daily deal websites. Its script is famous in the online world due to its features and revenue options. It has developed various best daily deal websites around the world. Let’s have a look at one of this websites which is based in Canada.

Yingo – an innovative daily deal website for Canada


Agriya has developed the popular Canadian daily deal website Yingo. This website is not only known for providing up to 90% of discounts, but also known for offering 10% of to the charities and promoting community service.

This website offers 10% of its purchase to various charity homes like the Canadian SPCA, the Canadian Red Cross, Diabetes Quebec, Fahra Foundation, Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Liver Foundation. The websites target audiences are the citizens of Canada. 

So, Agriya made a deep study about the Canadian audience and added every element of the website according to their preference. They also translated the websites language to French by using their productive multi-language feature. 

They made the website user-friendly, so the visitors of Yingo can navigate easily on the website and take the maximum advantage of the daily deals. Let’s see another Canadian daily deal website which also serves various cities of USA.

Final word
Daily deal software and it features assists you to create a revolutionary daily deal websites around the world. It has user-friendly web designs, extra ordinary features and innovative revenue options. Have a look at the demo of the script and experience the magic of this script. Contact Agriya to know more about it.

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