Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ad-Captcha management in groupon clone

Agriya is incredibly satisfied at this success for having released the Fix Press Ad-Captcha design in this release of Group deal, and this is the first time ever that any eCommerce website has seen this release.

This Ad-Captcha controls both the protection and income special deals for your website. Fix Press Captcha is a individually possessed CAPTCHA support concentrating on type-in protection tests, where-in you will be given a noticeable task and you will have to make an accessibility effectively to complete the customers.

Ad-Captcha is a new way to the certain marketing techniques with the durability to pay attention to by country, language, keyword and key term and key term and category. Ad-Captcha leads to both to your making and protection developments.

This can restrict your security-checks and secure the website. These Fix media ad-Captcha is a very unique Captcha-approach, and we are really incredibly satisfied to current it to the world through this website.Hope this will boost the productivity and searchability for groupon clone in market place.

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