Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Groupdeal and its features for using groupon clone

Groupon Clone is one of the major successful products all over the world .Though they are successful in market they are vary in different outputs by means of cloning its features.There were many features available for groupon clone .Some of them are list below.Here we are going to see about a product called Groupdeal.

  • Ad-banner management : This will increase your revenue model through affiliate programs.
  • Ad-captcha : Initially ever revenue plus security approach will stun you big time!
  • Easy Social-sign-ins : Immediate Social-connects to the public networking sites will allow the Customers to sign in to the website by giving their sign in qualifications effortlessly.
  • Social Sharing : Customers can now discuss their Deals immediately on social networking sites and entice the peer-buyers
  • Merchants Dashboard : Suppliers can now look into his/her deal to buy information Graphically
  • Deal categories : Collection and placing the Offers under one typical and appropriate classification will now help the Customers to look for and choose their Offers quickly and efficiently
  • GZIP catche implementation : This exclusive execution will help you to preserve your data transfer useage dimension and also decrease DNS look-ups
  • Sub Deals : Now each deal will provide you can have several different voucher kinds which is ideal for allowing your businesses
  • Ability to have city in sub domain : You can change the URL framework so the town is provided as a directory or as a subdomain
  • MailChimp Integration : Easily large deliver your everyday offers to an incredible number of members thanks to the MailChimp integration
  • PayPal / Authorize / PagSugero : GroupDeal is incorporated with the 3 greatest transaction suppliers on the globe by default.
  • City specific language support : Each town can have a standard terminology so you can go worldwide and have your website in several languages.
  • Affiliate Program : Crowdsource your marketing efforts with the built in affiliate marketing program where users earn commissions.
  • Mobile Website : Every GroupDeal web page comes with a cellular enhanced edition for little screens
  • Daily Deals or Group Deals : GroupDeal is developed to let you provide everyday offers, team offers or even totally free offers if you want.
  • Advanced Statistics Dashboard : Know exactly what is occurring with every deal with earnings, reputation and more
  • QR Codes : By using QR requirements on the discounts your suppliers can keep a record of used coupons.
  • Wallet System : The pockets system indicates customers can pre-fund their consideration for quicker and simpler purchasing of coupons.

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